What is the most important job in society? Policeman? Politician? Manager? Factory worker? Teacher?

Actually, the most important job in society is the one that feeds you! A Farmer! Without food, no other job can be performed.
Our current method of farming is unsustainable and we will run out of topsoil within the next 30-50 years if we do nothing.

But farming is hard, isn’t it? I don’t own any land. I don’t want to buy land if I don’t know what to do, or how to do it.

The answer is a FARM INTERNSHIP. We have several programs designed to give you a taste of farming from basic gardening all the way up to earning your Permaculture Design Certificate.

Four-week farming introduction/Internship
– Shared housing or tent
– Hot showers and toilet facilities
– Kitchen facilities
– Food – we provide rice, chicken, eggs, mushrooms and fish. Vegetables are picked by you from the garden.
– Community living – Cooking, cleaning, socializing
– Farm Tasks: Managing the nursery, chickens, goats, building compost, worm farms, weeding, planting, digging earthworks, watering, spreading compost, repairing/creating infrastructure, basically, anything that we need to get done to provide our educational trainings and move our permaculture projects forward.
– All interns must contribute to work in the community garden. There will be fresh produce for you to pick and seeds/seedlings for you to plant to replace what was used.
PLUS: – One-on-one/class instruction:
soil testing
Soil remediation techniques
compost styles
earthworks for preserving water
Trees and their functions
Food forest design

If you paid for the food and training it would cost over 10mil vnd
Cost: Cost of meals – 2,000,000vnd
One-on-one – 8,400,000vnd
By working you would offset that by 6,000,000vnd (labor (25hrs a week x 8 weeks x 30,000vnd/hr) = 6,000,000)