What is the one thing that you wished you could have during the Covid 19 pandemic?

The one thing that even money couldn’t get you. Even if you had a job.

That’s right … FOOD!

Because of the lockdowns where every neighborhood was isolated, the shipment of food was disrupted. Although it only lasted a short time, for some it was devastating. For others, it meant not having the foods that can keep you healthy. That’s what rice is good for. It keeps you alive but you can’t thrive.

Then there were those, such as myself, who weren’t impacted much by the lockdown because I had built-in food security where I live.

Now granted, not everyone can live on a farm, but you can learn how to provide for yourself, being almost self-sufficient by utilizing the principles of permaculture. (What is permaculture?)

And now you can become certified as a permaculturist where you will learn how to build self-sufficiency, not only for your food and for your life, but also for your community, thus ensuring the future for our children.

 A permaculture course is a standard 72 hours of lecture and working demos. Visit our course page to find a course schedule suitable for your lifestyle