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Teaching Assistant
English In Action school, Staff

Online Class, School Center

I was born on September 03, 2002, in Ho Chi Minh City. I graduated from high school last year. Now, I am a freshman at Saigon-tech college. and my major is English Language studies.

At the same time, I am working at English-In -Action center. And this part-time job I've been doing for four months. I love teaching and playing with children. Working here I not only gains experience but also show my passion for teaching.

In my free time, I usually read books and learn another language to enlarge my knowledge. I especially enjoyed reading the Hary Potter sẻries In my spare time, I always participate and try to go to extracurricular activities online.

I have completed online coursework for WHO, ALISON ( MICROSOFT-POWERPOINT), FORTINET NSE INSTITUTE, and a cẻtificate in the Chinese language of Shandong. I am also a certified Bronze level in Whole Brain Teaching.